Suffolk’s Lap of Honour

In 2008 the Lap of Honour Project set out to collect the stories from Olympic and Paralympic participants connected to Suffolk and preserve them for future generations.

The project uncovered experiences that were exceptional, tragic, funny and inspirational.

From Stan Cox running too many laps in 1948 to Karen Pickering overcoming a broken back to compete in the 2000 Olympics, each story shows determination and excitement that everyone from Suffolk can be proud of.

This exhibition tells those stories.

“I congratulate everyone involved in Lap of Honour for securing the Inspire mark and wish you every success with your work.”

— Seb Coe, Chair, London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Ian Drake Design were asked to come up with a design that would ‘bring-to-life’ the wealth of information gathered in the on-line project.

The brief called for three display rooms at Moyse’s Hall Museum, Thetford to be used for this exciting East Anglian exhibition in an imaginative way that would inspire a younger audience whilst engaging those older visitors’ memories.

The exhibition brought to life the stories using personal memorabilia, graphic interpretation and audio-visual displays. The centre piece of the exhibition was the stylised representation of an Olympic Stadium in the Great Hall.